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Door Handling Products

LH2 Lift Handle

Allows for easy lifting and movement of heavy single and double doors 

BS1 & BS65 Bottom Skid

Designed to protect the jamb from chipping and to make the door easier to slide. Now available for 2"x4" and 2"x6" Construction 

BMBS1 Brick Mold Bottom Skid

Designed to make the door easy to slide and to protect the jamb and molding on exterior doors with attached brick molding

Secures jamb and door when no sill is attached. Recommended one staple on side of jamb and two into the door bottom.

BOT 1 Bottom Strap

Image Coming Soon 

BSST45 Bottom Strap and Skid Combo

Combines the features of the Bottom Strap and the Bottom Skid to secure the jamb and door when no sill is attached. 

SCP1 & 2 Slab Corner Protector

This easy to apply clip will save your company from unnecessary returns due to corner damage caused during transport or display. 

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