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Double Door/Sidelite  Products

DDT1 -
Double Door/Sidelite Closure

The perfect alternative to screwing through the head jamb, sticks across the face or other costly closures.


Double Door Closure Clip

The DDCL Double Door / Sidelite Closure goes through the knob hole of the moveable door and into the strike opening of either the stationary double door or the frame of a sidelite unit. Since there is no access to screw it or staple it to secure it from the outside (as with our DF2 or CL3), the Clasp is pressed between the two doors and snaps over the barrel of the part.  Just a quick snap and it's done!


Double Door Bottom

DDB1 = for 1 3/8" slabs

DDB2 = for 1 3/4" slabs 

Parts can be screwed into the bottom of the slabs to prevent sagging and lateral movement allowing the door unit to arrive intact.


Double Door Bottom with Flap

DDB1-F = for 1 3/8" slabs

DDB2-F = for 1 3/4" slabs

The flap stables to a 1" x 4" wood runner at the bottom of the jamb legs or  can be screwed directly into the slabs. 


Double Door Bottom with Flap for Astragals

The center divider is removed for use with doors that have an astragal.

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