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Door Closure Products

View our superior Door Closure Products, click on each to learn more

DF2 -

2 Piece DoorFast Closure Bolt

Used On Interior and Exterior doors to secure the door to the jamb, reduce sag and maintain the door's reveal all the way through installation

DF4 -

2 Piece Lighting Bolt Closure

Duel threads for quick application on 2 3/8" backsets

CP1 - 

2 Piece Closure Bolt 

Can be applied by hand or with a 15mm bit driver

CL3 -

1 Piece Flat Jamb Closure Clip

2 3/8" Backset

CL5 -

1 Piece Entry Door Closure Clip

Up to 2 3/4" Backset

CL4 -

1 Piece Split Jamb Closure Clip

2 3/8" Backset features special slim profile above the jamb to allow for casings 

DDT1 -

Double Door/Sidelite Closure

The perfect alternative to screwing through the head jamb, sticks across the face or other costly closures.

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