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BSST45 - Bottom Strap / Skid Combo

This customer favorite combines the features of the Bottom Strap - BOT1 and the Bottom Skid - BS1 to secure the jamb and door  on interiors doors.


  • Helps secure the door to the jamb, preventing chattering.

  • Protects the jamb from damage during shipping and handling while providing a skid plate for easy sliding. Easy to apply with just a few staples.

  • Sleek continuous design reduces chance of the part becoming dislodged by rough floors, wire racks and rollers.

  • A cost-efficient alternative to cardboard, corrugated plastic or wood strips.

  • Gives the corner joints additional support. 

  • Can be removed using conventional tools.  


Parts Per Box - 250

1 to 9 - $75/Box

10 to 49 - $65/Box

50 to 99 - $60/Box

For Orders Larger than 9 boxes,    Please "Contact Us​"

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