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TSP1 & 2 Margin and Trim T-Spacers

  • Remove protective adhesive strip covering and slip spacer between door and jamb in four recommended locations. 

  • Helps maintain perfect reveal around the door during storage and shipping. Can be left in place through the installation process.

  • Easily Removed when door is open without a sticky residue.

  • Available in both 3/32" and 1/8"


3/32 Margin/Trim

1000 count/Box - $89/Box

3/32 Margin/Trim

5000 count/Box - $356/Box

1/8 Margin/Trim

1000 count/Box - $97/Box

1/8 Margin/Trim

5000 count/Box - $388/Box

For Orders Larger than 9, Please "Contact Us​"

Want Some Free Samples? 

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